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I guess I failed at keeping this updated for summer and this last fall semester...well anyways from now on I guess I'll try and use this LJ for whatever I feel like rather than just dealing with emotions or school stress. I probably would've forgotten about this place had it not been my favorite music artist's birthday and I really wanted to send her fanmail. LJ has groups for everything and luckily there was a group on here active wishing her a happy birthday, yay! Who knows, maybe I'll start using this for creativeness or dancing...for the first time I think Live Journal seems really fun!

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Current Mood: happy happy
Current Music: Olivia Lufkin- Wish

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Are they something that should be forgotten? Or something to learn from? Are there some so painful that they should be forgotten no matter what?

If anyone's out there listening, what do you think?

Current Mood: confused confused

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Joyful, energetic, great. Still got alot of work ahead but after that get to hang out with my best friend! Gotta keep on going!

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Current Music: Unlimited Sky by Tommy Heavenly6

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Essay done... Bleh. Much more ahead. T_T

Current Mood: tired tired

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Sheesh 2 reports and an essay... can't wait for the week to end! I sorta hope I'll fail so I'll stop being a procrastinater... Life's great and meh. I sorta miss hanging out with friends. Hope I do get a spring break! Meh so tired already... night!

Current Mood: Meh...

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Rather then using this for venting the emotions from being suicidal like the last 4 years I'll use it to vent... loneliness I guess. And the frustration involved in the college student's life. Loneliness is so weird how it feels great and wretched at the same time... I guess I'd love to have a great friend I could always hang out with and talk about anything with. But people aren't like that anymore and the only person like that's at a faraway college. *sigh* Would be like a dream come true living with him... but I dunno. There would probably be more work and tiring and I dunno how well I'd be for the most part on my own. I dream all the time of living with him and hanging out all the time... Weird how my zeal for my upcoming job possibly disappeared, sad... Meh ahh well I can't let myself get down...

Current Mood: apathetic apathetic
Current Music: One Room Disco by Perfume

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